Forensic Toxicology
Screening for Illicit Drugs Directly from Urine using the Velox 360
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What is forensic toxicology?

Forensic toxicology is the discipline of aiding medical or legal investigation of death, poisoning and drug use.

Most often people associate forensic testing with criminal investigations applications, but it is also increasingly utilized by private companies and competitive sports teams for drug screening. The science of forensic toxicology is also used in investigating environmental poisoning and pollution.

Meet the Technology that Can Relieve the Pressure in Forensic Toxicology

The rapid increase in the synthesis and use of synthetic illicit substances, including NPS and opioids, have resulted in enormous pressure on drug testing laboratories to develop more accurate rapid screening methods.

New method development for LC-MS/MS is tedious, often delaying the ability to react quickly in an environment that is increasingly changing. Laboratory managers want simplicity with accuracy to effectively drive improvements in productivity and increase profit.

Increased productivity, faster method development, faster analysis times, and increased flexibility all boost laboratory efficiency—and all of these are benefits offered with the Velox 360.

The Velox 360 uses PaperSpray technology to eliminate the complexity of the LC and get from sample to answer faster. Because it can produce quantitative data directly from just a few microliters of sample and uses an automated, single-use disposable cartridge, the Velox 360 will improve your costs and increase flexibility so that you and your team gain a competitive advantage.

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