Industrial Research

Accelerate Results in Materials Analysis

Materials research combines the principles of applied physics and chemistry. Through the technologies offered by the Prosolia line of products combined with mass spectrometry, your team will be empowered to uncover the next breakthrough in the lab.

Examine organics on the surfaces of semiconductors and components of consumer electronics such as LCD screens and other industrial chemistry applications. Accelerate results in materials research in a range of applications including industrial polymers, liquid crystal displays, oils, detergents, and medical device coatings.

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Enable Higher Standards in Food and Agriculture with Ambient Mass Spec

Novel applications enabled by DESI 2D deliver rapid measurements of unprocessed samples such as food and natural products. In addition, desorption electrospray ionization technology brought to the lab through the DESI 2D enables direct identification of toxic contaminants in dry foods, leachable materials, as well as profiling of natural sweeteners such as Stevia Rebaudiana varietal.

The unique capabilities Prosolia technologies provide an innovative process to study chemistry in food and agriculture that can lead to new discoveries.

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