Molecular Imaging
Molecular Imaging without Matrix
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What is Molecular Imaging?

Molecular imaging is defined as the visualization, characterization, and measurement of biological processes at the cellular and molecular levels in humans or other living systems.

Discover More With Our Innovative Molecular Imaging Technology

Molecular imaging by mass spectrometry is increasingly being used to study the fundamentals of biology and disease pathology in clinical research with the ultimate goal of delivering novel molecular diagnostics. Since conventional mass spectrometry approaches are often laborious and require skilled scientists to perform and interpret the results, broad adoption of mass spectrometry in clinical laboratory environments has been slow.

New methods for sample introduction and ionization based on ambient technologies have reduced barriers by making the mass spectrometer more accessible, simplifying workflows, and delivering results without sample prep.

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Gain Greater Potential Through Desorption Electrospray Ionization Technology

Through the groundbreaking development of DESI 2D, critical spatial information is retained, and molecular maps are created directly from thin slices of tissue.

No matrix is required for imaging studies—so you don’t need extra equipment, yet your team can rely on incredibly fast results. In fact, DESI 2D has enabled ambient molecular imaging with spatial resolution down to 50um.

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