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Waters has acquired DESI 2D from Prosolia

DESI 2D Means Mass Spectrometry Imaging Without Matrix


DESI 2D enables greater potential for innovative protocols in the fields of life sciences, clinical research, pharma, biotech, and agriculture that improve productivity and drive results for your small molecule analysis challenges.

DESI 2D integrates real-time, micro-scale solvent extraction in fast-moving droplets with electrospray ionization (ESI) enabling direct sample analysis and ambient mass Spectrometry Imaging.

Coupling DESI 2D with your mass spectrometer allows you to reclaim the time normally reserved for sample preparation—especially when matrix isn’t required for your mass spec imaging studies.

Sample prep can be a tedious process that involves numerous steps, and each step presents an opportunity for error—not to mention decreased productivity and delaying results.

With sample prep minimized, you’ll see a range of immediate benefits such as lower lab operating costs and streamlined workflows. The impact of this technology can be far more reaching than these benefits, however. With DESI’s innovative approach to sampling, you’re enabled to do more, imagine more, and test more.

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Waters has acquired DESI 2D from Prosolia.  Waters configurations for DESI 2D are available for purchase directly from Waters.  For more information, click here.

DESI 2D configurations for Agilent and Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers remain available for purchase through Prosolia until September 30, 2019.

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