Become Bolder in Your Approach to the Unknown

The thrill of the hunt is often what drives the most significant cutting-edge research. Our goal is to empower researchers to become bolder in their approach to the unknown—to grasp what was once just out of reach and to expand what is possible in the lab.

Those aspirations are now closer than ever thanks to the new potential that flowprobe™ brings to the lab.

Combining all of the advantages that come with continuous flow microextraction and electrospray ionization, this latest advancement in mass spectrometry enables those on the front lines of research to analyze and discover more quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

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Accelerate Results with Real-Time, Continuous Flow in situ Microextraction

flowprobe™ is a direct sampling method that provides increased efficiency for spot sampling and scanning through real-time, continuous flow in situ microextraction. This innovative technology also features a high-precision probe and optical image-guided surface motion control.

These features allow for a spectrum of benefits to researchers such as the ability to accelerate drug distribution studies and rapid tissue profiling for increased efficiency in the laboratory.

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