Velox 360

Simplify Your Complex Workflows for Unprecedented Results

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If increasing productivity is a high priority for your laboratory, then you must feel frustration with the complexities of set-up and maintenance of your liquid chromatography systems. Granted, the HPLC is a powerful tool for resolving analytes in complex matrices, but now is the time to take advantage of the ever increasing capabilities of your mass spectrometers and new sample introduction methods.  Streamline your analysis platform to something simpler that increases productivity and reduces waste.

Unrivaled Simplicity

The Velox 360 system features a plug-n-play design that retrofits seamlessly to the mass spectrometer, replaces your HPLC and auto-loads up to 40 Velox Sample Cartridges. Velox Sample Cartridges incorporate proprietary PaperSpray® technology and enable direct, quantitative analysis of drugs from just a few microliters of sample.

The autosampler deposits the proper amount of solvent, which then rapidly moves through the cartridge’s substrate via capillary action. High voltage is applied directly to the cartridge to create an electrospray of the sample.

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A Simple Approach to Complex Problems

The Velox 360 uses Velox Sample Cartridges incorporating the PaperSpray® technology, which combines paper chromatography substrates and electrospray ionization (ESI) allowing you to directly analyze dried fluids without the need for off-line sample prep or liquid chromatography.

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