Hangars in France

Prosolia Energy leads the construction of hangars for self-consumption in France and also has become the provider NUMBER ONE of solar energy in the country. Our extensive experience has resulted in the preferred choice of French farmers.

What a Hangar is?

Each  project  is  based  on  a  standard  building with a solar PV plant on its roof that the landowner will be able to use and exploit during the life-time of the PV plant.

What we offer you?

You will have the right to use the hangar  during  the  leasing  period  and  will  become  the  owner  of  the  plant (including the building) after the lease period.

Each  Project that we make  is  based  on  a  standard  building  and  on  a  standard  PV configuration  to  simplify  both  construction  and  maintenance  phase.

The development of the projects has also been done to simplify the administrative review of the projects.

benefits fondo
BenefitsSafeguard animal welfare
Protection of your equipment
Store your fodder
Own energy production, which increases the grid independence
Economic savings

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