PV Carports

Protect your customers and employees against the vagaries of the weather and get photovoltaic solar energy at the same time!

What a PV Carport is?

Solar canopies are a parking structure where, instead of having a normal roof, it incorporates solar panels.

This type of structure can be assembled in almost any place, either in the parking space of your house, in the parking of your office or industry, or in any farm that has a space enabled for the parking of vehicles. Whit a Solar Carport you can achieve a significant reduction in your energy bill as well as providing shade.

How a PV Carport is constructed?

PV Carports offer a number of advantages and utilities compared to other conventional photovoltaic installations. The main difference is that it is not necessary to have roofs, therefore, PV Carports can be installed in parking lots or yards.

The structure of the PV Carports is not far from conventional carports since they have common objectives such as the delimitation of the parking space while providing coverage to the vehicle.

But, in the case of PV Carports, these have photovoltaic panels on top of their surface, so that they capture solar energy and transform it into electrical energy. This energy can be used by our client by connecting the installation to the annex building to provide electricity.

Take advantage of surfaces where other types of structures cannot be built, and obtain reductions in energy expenditure and dependence on the power grid.

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BenefitsCovers for vehicles
Generation of photovoltaic energy
Saving energy costs
Reduction of CO2 emissions

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