What a self-consumption installation is?

A type of solar photovoltaic installation in which the owner of the energy system can generate its own electrical energy by using solar panels to subsequently self-consume it or pour it into the grid, generating an economic benefit.

In Prosolia Energy we offer you two self-consumption options with which you can save and reduce your dependence on grid.

Take advantage of solar energy!

Direct self-consumption plants

Grid independence

Prosolia Energy has under development several PV direct self-consumption plants throughout Spain and Portugal.

The owners of the rooftops, most of them industrial consumers have direct savings every day, because the energy generated is
free across it lifespan.

The owner of the plant reduces the dependence on the big electric companies, diversifying the power consumed origin and achieving an improvement of
competitiveness, while reduces the CO2 footprint.

Energy management plants

The consumer does not make investment

An Energy Manager makes the investment in the solar plant, agreeing with the Energy Consumer a contract in which the kWh price is fixed with a discount on the tariff.

This direct discount on the invoice contracted with the electric company in all the energy consumed that is produced through the solar installation allows the client to not make any investment, only acquiring the commitment to give the space to locate the installation and sign a contract of Consumption of energy during a period, PPA model.

There is also the possibility to or a fix a Price throughout the contract period.

How a PPA works?

After the PPA commitment, the solar installation becomes the property of the consumer, benefiting entirely from the energy generated by the solar plant. The commitment period is usually 15 years:

  • The benefit to the consumer is the best price of energy purchase without making investments.
  • The benefit to the Investor is the profitability obtained with a captive client.
benefits fondo
BenefitsOwn energy production, which increases the grid independence
Economic savings
Do not consume fuels or generate waste
Possibility of selling the excess power
Decrease in installation costs, technology is increasingly affordable
Subsidies and tax deductions

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