Prosolia Energy recently has finalized a 100 kWp photovoltaic solar hangar20220511141046
Prosolia Energy completes a 1.1MW renewable solution in Spain20220503140210
Prosolia Energy has completed a 973kWp renewable project at Tupperware Brands, Portugal20220420135244
Prosolia Energy signs a financing agreement that will allow it to build 65MW of self-consumption projects in Spain and Portugal20220118120640
Prosolia Energy has completed a new 222.2 kWp photovoltaic project at the Mistolin Company facilities in Portugal.20220113115721
Prosolia Energy team starts a new photovoltaic project on the facilities of RIOJA MOTOR SA in La Rioja, Spain.20211215115113
Prosolia Energy has initiated a new photovoltaic project in the facilities of Solera SA in Valencia, Spain.20211209114427
Prosolia Energy’s team has completed a new 71.44 kWp photovoltaic project at Hiperber Distribucion Y Logistica SA’s facilities in Catral, Spain.20211207113757
A few weeks ago we started the works to carry out the installation of a solar park in PINO cocinas y baños facilities in Spain.20211201113143
Huf Group has entrusted the Prosolia Energy team with the design and development of a 724 kWp photovoltaic project in Portugal.20211124112022