Magratex: more sustainable and renewable20190807161231

Magratex: more sustainable and renewable

A few weeks ago, we informed you about the startup process to eliminate asbestos that we carried out at the Magratex facilities in Borba. Once again, ...
Photovoltaic solar energy: a cost-effective, clean and renewable option20190731155733

Photovoltaic solar energy: a cost-effective, clean and renewable option

A few days ago, a new edition of “Vacuno de Elite” magazine came to light, this time focused on Masters of management, in which we had the pleasure of...


Two days ago, it was held the first aniversary of the inauguration of Ourika, the 1st PV Power Plant connected to the Portuguese Grid. This huge insta...
A brilliant PV installation!20190724143532

A brilliant PV installation!

Here it is the visual proof of the incredible and brilliant work that Prosolia has done in the Camacho recycling facilities. larenergy #selfconsumptio...
The sun begins to take effect!20190624194915

The sun begins to take effect!

PREEL, a Spanish company with more than 30 years of experience in the food industry, once again relies on Prosolia for the realization of a new photov...