Photovoltaic Solar Energy against climate change

Today, June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated, and it is precisely today when the demands for climate change become more evident.

The effects of climate change on the environment are devastating, the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere is producing changes in ecosystems and alterations in climate such as the increase in global temperature of the earth.

These changes do not only affect the environment but also our own health, so days like today should serve us to reflect on the serious damage we are causing to our environment and to take measures to mitigate the effects of climate change , measures such as the use of photovoltaic energy.

The main objective of Prosolia is to bring the energy of a sustainable world, the photovoltaic solar energy, to people and companies. With the photovoltaic solar energy we help to reduce the greenhouse effect since we reduce the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, a 150 kW installation would generate an energy of 260,000 kW / year, which would avoid the emission of 137,800 Kg. CO2 per year .

In addition to this positive effect on the environment, photovoltaic energy also positively influences our environment by not causing alterations in the lithological, topographic or structural characteristics of the land, there are no alterations on water due to the lack of contamination by waste and also The flora and fauna are protected by not using materials that may be harmful to animals, such as power lines.

Let’s act now against climate change betting on photovoltaic solar energy.