Prosolia Energy completes its new photovoltaic project at MCS® – MOTA CERAMIC SOLUTIONS® facilities in Oiã, Portugal

MCS® Portugal’s largest multi-mineral and ceramic body producer is investing in photovoltaic installations across its operation. Along with its partnership with Prosolia Energy, has completed the installation of over 2100 solar modules on the roof of its ceramic body facilities at Oiã.

This latest 668.4 kWp photovoltaic installation promoted, developed, and constructed by Prosolia Energy, will provide MCS® not only reductions on its energy expenses but also consistency with the Group’s ‘Green Mining & Sustainability Charter’. This latest investment is equivalent either to an emission reduction of approximately 484.570 Kg of C02 into the atmosphere or planting 3004 trees.

MCS® – MOTA CERAMIC SOLUTIONS® is one of the companies, with which Prosolia Energy works, that is committed to the production of clean, renewable energy and reduction of its environmental footprint.