Prosolia Energy starts a new photovoltaic project at Geotexan facilities in Huelva (Spain)

With the aim of improving its sustainability parameters, Geotexan, a leading national company in the manufacture of geotextiles and fibers, has entrusted Prosolia Energy with the development, engineering, and execution of a 578 kWp self-consumption photovoltaic installation.

This photovoltaic project is a mix of renewable solutions, since part of the photovoltaic installation will be placed on the roof of its warehouse and the other part will be a PV Carport installation.

The 1698 photovoltaic modules will be distributed along these two surfaces, occupying an approximate ratio of almost 80% of the roof and 376 m2 of the PV Carport.

These photovoltaic cells that will produce electricity from the incidence of sunlight on them, will not only provide the geotextile company with enough energy to self-consumption also the solar panels on the parking structure will provide protection for its employees’ vehicles against elements of harsh weather, without forgetting the reduction of CO2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere since, with these renewable solutions, but Geotexan will stop emitting approximately 457,49 tons of CO2 per year.

It is expected that this photovoltaic project promoted by Helexia España, will begin to be executed by Prosolia Energy in the coming weeks.