The sun is activated with Helexia in Decathlon

If we ask people if they want to be happy, the answer will be a resounding yes, but the answer changes when we ask them if they know how they can be happy because not everyone knows how to find happiness, but what we can say for sure is that sport and happiness go hand in hand.

Decathlon, a leading company in the sport products sales sector, is characterized by activating the happiness of a large number of people, making sport accessible while encourating the preservation of the environment and also promoting responsible sports practice.

Well, with the installation of  pv carports in the Decathlon of Seville, Helexia shows its commitment to photovoltaic solar energy trusting in Prosolia Energy to perform this incredible project. Also, with this installation, Helexia continues supporting the creation of local and customized solutions to use, take advantage and produce a better energy for a sustainable world.

This 840 kWp photovoltaic system, designed, engineered, developed and constructed completely by Prosolia Energy, will provide a plus in its sustainability strategy since, in addition to offering protection against weather conditions and obtaining significant energy savings, it will prevent the emission to the atmosphere of 63.48 Tn of CO2 per year.

We leave you a photo with the beginning of the work, but stay tuned because we will post the advances and benefits of this installation.

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